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About Us

Our Practice

We pride ourselves in providing up to date, top quality dental care that include all the modern advances in dentistry, but still maintain a relaxed and inviting environment at our newly renovated premises.

At our practice you are definitely not just another patient but become like part of the family. You will be treated with integrity, respect and with the utmost care by our team of qualified and professional individuals.

We offer a range of cutting edge services with the aid of advanced equipment including restorative and cosmetic dentistry as well as basic family dentistry. We are one of the few practices that offer CAD/CAM technology for same day crowns, veneers and ceramic restorations and we also specialise in oral surgery and implant surgery.
Our dentists and assistants are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and have the combined experience and knowledge of at least fifteen years in private dental practice. We accept most medical aids and most procedures are charged at medical aid rates, which we will claim back on your behalf. We also assist you in obtaining authorisations from your medical aid.

Meet The Team

Dentist: Dr Elsabé Marais

I grew up in Kempton Park and still live here. I qualified from the University of Pretoria in 2004 and after my community service began working in private practice as a locum in a busy practice in Kempton Park. After 6 years I opened my own practice in Birchleigh and recently bought new premises in Birchleigh which we have renovated into a modern dental surgical centre.

Over the years I have kept up to date with the changes in dental science and have completed numerous courses in implant surgery as well as CAD/CAM Cerec dentistry. I am still pursuing and gaining academic knowledge and skills by attending courses and seminars. I enjoy oral surgery and am one of the few dental practitioners that place my implants and do the restoration thereof. I also remove wisdom teeth.

I am still extremely passionate about dentistry and even more so now with all the new developments and new techniques. I believe in building long lasting relationships with my patients and treat them with compassion and respect. I always have their best interest at heart and am always thinking of what their future dental health will entail. I am a bit of a perfectionist but in our profession I do not think that is a bad trait to have.

I am married and have three children. I love socialising with family and friends, enjoy a good read and all that know me will attest that I love a good wine.

Practice Manager: Isabel van der Walt

I’ve been a dental receptionist for about 15 years and I’ve been managing the practice of Dr Elsabe Marais for the last 6 years. I am head of the practices’ festivity committee. I enjoy running, gardening and I’m usually the life of the party! I am a party planner of note and I love to create fun celebratory days at the practice.

Receptionist and Accounts: Bets van der Veer

I’ve been working as a receptionist in dentistry for about 30 years. I also have experience in dental assisting. I enjoy lying on my couch, reading a good book and spending some quiet time with my family. You will always find a secret container of sweeties in my drawer.

Dental Assistant: Isabel Wales

I’ve been a dental assistant for about 26 years. I enjoy surgical work and have experience assisting a maxillofacial surgeon as well as a periodontist. I am the health nut of the practice and any herbal tea standing around probably belongs to me. If not at work you’ll find me in the gym where I’ll probably out bench you. I love animals and I always find space for a rescued pet in my home.

Dental Assistant: Cheryl Turner

I’ve been working as a dental assistant for about 46 years. I’m passionate about animals, the outdoors and I have a special interest in aromatherapy and herbalism. I’m an avid supporter of nature conservation and contribute to the conservation of big cats in South Africa.